Day 347/365 – “Let Us” See A Bird

In an effort to be a little artsy, I photographed some lettuce. After processing it with the 100 Camera’s in 1 app, I saw a bird in this photo. Do you see it? I don’t mean the kind you see during rush hour traffic from the driver in the car behind you.

Day 346/365 – Ice Cubes

My wife gave me an idea for ice cubes so I took a photo of the ones that were in my glass for dinner this evening. With the help from Apple iCloud and my photo stream, I was able to edit the photo on my iPad with the 100 Camera’s In 1 app to give it a really cool look. I hope you enjoy!

Day 345/365 – Holiday Photo

Today I took a photo of my kids that will be used on the holiday card we send out to friends and family. We used the green screen in the studio and added the background afterwards. I love working with green screen.
If you’re local and want to get your family portrait or other photography done contact me and we can schedule a time.