Day 271/365 – Troth

We went to a local farm and had some fun tonight. One of the activities for kids is using a mining troth to sift through sand to find hidden special rocks. Here is a picture of the water coming down the troth at Stowe Farm

Day 269/365 – Clean Your Butts!

I used to be a cigarette smoker years ago. I quit for my kids. I was walking with my daughter today and I never noticed how many cigarette butts are on the ground. Come on people, would you throw one of these on the floor in your house? I’m probably guilty of this a long time ago, but now that I’m smoke free, this seems to bug me even more. Is there a statute of limitations on being a hypocrite?

Day 268/365 – Frog

My dad has a fish pond in his back yard. They just finished rebuilding it. He filled it up with fish and then a frog shows up. Here is a photo of the new visitor.

Day 265/365 – 100 Day’s Left

Yes, I have reached the home stretch of this project. 100 more days to go. No flower shots, artsy shots or even a shot of my wonderful children. Today we got a 55″ LED LCD TV. It has the works. Of course I want the technology in it! 🙂