Day 303/365 – Snow On Trees

We got slammed with snow last night that caused a lot of tree damage. The snow was heavy and the trees still have their leaves. I took an early morning photo walk around the neighborhood. So this photo and the next few ones will be what the storm left behind. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Enjoy!

Day 300/365 – Dog Was Confused

Ok my dog wanted to go outside to do her business. She got a few steps out the door and even she was like “WTF is with this snow in October?” Freaked out, she ran back inside as you can tell by the foot prints not going all the way to the stairs in the upper left of the photo.

Day 299/365 – A Request From A Fan!

I love Facebook and the Like system. I know when people actually see my artsy and not so artsy photo’s. The scene in this photo was requested by a fan on Facebook. Disclaimer: The fan is also my Facebook friend, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited, you must be 18 years or older, bla bla bla, etc, etc, etc…