Windows Desktop Web Content (WHITE DESKTOP)

I have recently had a couple of calls about this, so I thought I would create this post in an effort to help a few of you. 


If you experience wierd issues with your Windows XP desktop that causes it to look like a white background and it mentions the word ‘recovery’ on the desktop, then this article could help you.  This issues is caused by a desktop web component that does not have a valid URL address that it points too.  I find that this feature is a useless feature for the majority of the users out there. 

  1. Right Click on the Desktop and select properties

  2. Then select the Desktop tab at the top.

  3. Click the ‘Customize Desktop’ button

  4. Select the ‘WEB’ tab 

  5. Uncheck everything in the list then click ‘OK’ 

  6. Click ‘OK’ again.

 I hope this resolves your issue.