Day 59/365 – Shredded Memories

There are a lot of memories in a pile of shredded paper, but they only memories of the person who did the shredding. If you were to look at this photo and tell me three things from it what would they be?

Here are three things I see…
1. The distinctive Verizon Wireless bill that I found one day when cleaning out old bills.
2. The recent credit card that I didn’t need any more since the new one was just delivered.
3. My resume that was printed on 25% Cotton Fiber that I no longer need because I have a kick ass job!

They say a picture says a thousand words. How many words are in a photo of shredded paper?


58/365 – Actions Still Speak Louder Than Words

So we have this left over valentines day candy. I thought I would put a bunch in a bowl and take a shot of them. What is your favorite one from this photo?

Also, how come when growing up, I remember these heart shape candies having better alignment? What I mean is most of these have words running off the heart, and some are just not centered where it looks like someone was just freaking lazy. Some are smudged, not all there or just plain BLAH! Also, I’m not sure if they had the “Yes Dear” one when I was a kid.


Day 57/365 – New Meaning To “Cold Feet”

It was about 20 degrees this morning and there was still a dusting of snow on the ground. My daughter thought it was a good idea to go on the deck and play, but she forgot her socks and shoes. She quietly went outside, almost ninja like. She then comes running into the house covering up her feet in a blanket. There I sat on the couch wondering what she was doing. Later on that morning, I walked by the deck door and saw these cute little foot prints in the snow. I’m not sure she learned her lesson though, because she did it again.


Day 55/365 – Sure is cold in here!

Well I thought since the camera was in the clothes dryer and hot enough where it almost melted, I figured putting it in the fridge would cool it off fast. I probably shouldn’t have forgotten about it though. I guess that’s one way to freeze a moment in time. 😉

Raise your hand if you see a pattern of photo’s 😉 More to come!

Things that {finish this phrase}


Day 54/365 – I Put What In The Laundry???

Have you ever put your wallet, your car keys or even a USB thumb-drive in the wash? Well those are easy since they were most likely in your pants pocket. My question is how did my Canon Power-Shot SD1000 point and shoot camera make it in there? Can you tell by the photo that I was surprised? Ok, so I never went to acting school. I even tried to add drama by making it black & white. Tell me what you think.


Day 53/365 – The Technology With Mike Studio

Here is a photo of the studio where we record the Technology with Mike Video/Podcast. On the show I introduce internet start-ups and share tips for using computers and the internet. Find us at and subscribe to us on iTunes at…77299

Let me know if you watch/listen to the show and what you think of it. I am always looking for ways to improve the overall content and delivery of the show.


Day 51/365 – Reflect On This

Some people say they can see right through me. Well here’s a photo that proves that along with the fact that I’m not a vampire.

I had fun with this photo. I wanted to show refection, but I had to take it one step further. I am showing the reflection of myself and a room I am in along with my deck outside. I used the sliding glass door to perform the reflection by turning on the light of the room I was in and waiting until it got dark enough outside to show the desired effect.

A friend of mine did a cool photo show both his face and his reflection of his face in a mirror at an angle. I think I will try that at some point.

You would think that after more than 50 days of doing this, I would run out of ideas. But they just keep coming to me. I hope you enjoy!