Day 25/365 – More Snow

New England weather can be a real pain. But the beauty it can bring is something to be photographed. Can you say mixed signals? This is a photograph of trees right outside my house. Send me any outdoor photo’s you took of wintry scenes!  

Day 24/365 – Daddy Through His Daughter’s Eyes

Don’t you wonder what you look like through your child’s eye? When I was taking this picture of my daughters eye, I tried to imagine what she sees. After I took the picture I figured it out. She saw a giant pointing this camera at her eye. I hope you all enjoy this photo. Please let me know what you think. DISCLAIMER: No flash was used during this photo shoot and no children were harmed in the process.  

Day 23/365 – Let Me Out!

This funny character was sitting on top of my old 20 inch Sony computer CRT monitor a few years ago. Since I switched to an LCD I had to take it off because it wouldn’t fit. It always made me laugh a little while I was on the computer. I hope it makes you laugh as well!