Day 181/365 – Single Key

Ok, so near the end of the day I was actually bored at work for the first time. So I started looking for things around me to photograph. I see people sometimes with 5 to 10 keys on their key rings. I just have this one. It’s very easy to carry in your pocket and if I lose it, it’s the only one i need to replace.

Day 178/365 – Thin Ice

Had some game time with my kids today. We played a game we just got the other day called Thin Ice. Each player puts a wet ball on a thin tissue without breaking it. It was fun so I captured the moment.

Day 174/365 – Steering Wheel

So I was parked outside of our local auto repair shop waiting for my wife to drop her car off. So I thought i would take an iPhone photo of my steering wheel. To be honest, it’s not a very exciting picture. I won’t lie to you, or should I say, I won’t steer you in the wrong. 😉

Day 173/365 – Message In A Bottle?

Ok, so my kids got a small rubber lizard that was about 2″ long. We squeezed it into an empty 2 litter bottle and filled it up with water. Now the thing is the size of the bottle. So what I was thinking was to bring this out sea and drop it into the ocean with a note inside as well saying:

Dear Friend, please take care of my pet lizard as I have been stranded on a desert island and cant take care of it any more. His name is Larry the Lizard and he loves it when you sing 80’s ballads. Thank you my friend for taking on this responsibility.


P.S. Please be careful taking him out of this bottle.