Day 241/365 – Power Lines Scenery

I drive by this on the way to work all the time. Today I figured I’d stop and get some photos. I don’t think there’s usually water here although at one point I think this was a stream, but I’m not sure. The water must be left over from Irene.

Day 240/365 – Road After Irene!

After the rain calmed down today I took a ride through a couple of towns to see the kinds of damage Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene caused for the local area. I got a lot of photo’s of downed trees, but I think I have seen enough of those on Facebook, Twitter and the news today. So I just took this photo of a road. You can tell something happened because the road was covered in leaves. This was pretty much every road in town. I then made the photo black and white for dramatic effect and softened it up a little to blur it. Ok, well the blur may be because I wasn’t focused perfectly, but you get the “picture” (pun intended). Let me know what you think. I took some risk to make it a little artsy. I hope you like it.

Day 238/365 – Go Fly A Kite

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase “Go Fly A Kite”, I would have a bunch of nickels 😉 I might even have enough wind with Hurricane Irene coming soon to fly a kite made of wood.

Day 235/365 – My Water Shadow

As I have mentioned before, I like capturing shadows. So why not my shadow on the beach? Not very artistic and pretty much silly, but non-the-less, it’s what I wanted to capture at the time. To me, that’s what photography is all about. Enjoy!

Day 234/365 – Close-Up of Seagull

Before you ask… I don’t have a seagull or bird fetish. Now that I have that out of the way and have your attention… I liked the composition of this photo.
TIP: When photographing small animals or other subjects low to the ground, it helps to get to their level. So I was pretty much on my stomach when taking this photo on the beach. Let me know what you think.