Day 334/365 – Drain

Ok, so usually I tell you why I took a particular photo. However, art is about interpretation so I will leave that up to you for this one. Why did I take this photo?

Day 333/365 – Charity

These containers are put there for a good purpose. They say Donate Clothes and Shoes, and there are Bed Posts and Mirror’s. They say Book Recycling and there’s a stuffed animal and a television. Come on you inconsiderate lazy people, can’t you freaking read? It’s people like you that make this world a mess. Please dispose of your stuff the responsible way and don’t bring the people or companies that are trying to make a difference into it.

Peace Out!

Day 331/365 – Sunset

During my walk I saw the sun setting. However, the photo did not look like this originally. I had to do some post processing to get the different colors. Photography is an art, before during and after the shot. Let me know what you think.

Day 327/365 – Porous

Ok, so I took a photo of a sponge. I admit, not my best work, but I wasn’t feeling too well tonight, so here is a sponge in black & white. I need to get some rest for turkey day!

Day 325/365 – Made History

When you see someone walking down the street with a pair of these hanging from their head, what is your first thought? What’s the device or family of devices that you first think of? The Creative Rio or the Sony Walkman? Yea right! A lot of people (mostly younger folk) that use an iPod don’t realize how much this creation has changed the way we listen to music. Great work Apple, but don’t let us down now that the creator is watching over from the big orchard in the sky.

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