Day 119/365 – The Grandma Dolls Live

I was cleaning out some old boxes that we just never unpacked from the early days of living in this house. You know you have those boxes too 😛

These dolls were made by my Grandmother probably about 25+ years ago. She would get some socks and stuff them, make the normal features of a person like arms legs, eyes, noses etc. We called them “The GrandMa Doll”. She would even attach a tag that says “Made with love by: GRANDMA” It’s funny because my Grandpa could never find a matching pair of sock. 😉

Day 118/365 – Pandora (not the music player)

Here is a photo of my wife’s brand new piece of bling called a Pandora Bracelet. This is the new fad nowadays where you can buy charms or beads to put on and interchange. This was one of my wife’s birthday presents, although she deserves a lot more.

Maybe there is a bead that is a mini speaker and wifi connection where you can play music from Pandora internet radio. I call trademark if it doesn’t already exist as of today.

Day 113/365 – White Chocolate

I took this photo when we went to see the Easter Bunny with the kids at Hebert’s Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. I don’t know the girl in the reflection, but this was the perfect angle. And guess what, it was a total mistake. I didn’t even see her in the view finder on my camera. I was just shooting the chocolate. So this goes to show that sometimes a good shot is completely by mistake and that you should always look through all your shots.

Day 111/365 – Lens Flare Experiment

In this photo, I was experimenting with lens flare. Most people would say lens flare is a mistake, but I think with the right eye and imagination you can do really neat things with it. Tell me what you think. If you have your own examples of lens flare, please share.